Payments: We only accept credit card payments via our own store.
Notice: All prices are subject to change at any given time without prior notice.
Copyright: We don’t take any responsibility for any copyright infringement for any website using infringed or copyrighted material of any kind including media, pictures, news etc.
Refunds: We provide refunds only if it is requested no more than 24 hours after payment has been sent. Once the project has been started we cannot return the funds back to your account.
Do Not Redistribuate: When ordering anything from us you are not authorized to use the code or images (created by us) for any other website, project or for any type of re-sale. You may use your order as long as you please, all we ask is that you do not share our codes or images nor do you re-sell or re-use them by manipulating the codes for future themes, designs or projects. You must use the images originally used with the making of the order.
Link back: The 21 Guns Productions tag must always be on your website where it’s originally placed once the design is handed over or uploaded to you on your site.
• We aim to get an order complete within a week. (including Pro Package)
• We don’t offer support, you have to know some knowledge in HTML.
• The payment needs to be made before we begin to work on your order, we won’t work on your theme untill we receive the full amount. Also the costumer needs to pay the fee.
• Do not modify the layout or coding, if you need something to change, let us know.
• We don’t ‘update’ themes. If for instance you are using a theme from WordPress, and a new version of the script comes out, we won’t update the theme to include new features.

You can order if you agree with our all the rules

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